Welcome to the 1990s! 
We are Kelly and Katie. We lived through the 90s, we loved through the 90s, and we watched a helluva amount of TV in the 90s. We are making it our job to reintroduce ourselves to our childhood television family, see if the shows live up to what we remember, see if the shows give us any feels, and share with you our walk down memory lane every month. We want to determine which show really was the Best Television Show of the 90s.
The rules:

1.       All episodes watched must have originally aired in the United States between 1990 and 1999.

2.       We are starting with live-action shows first. Cartoons can come later, by popular request.

3.       Both of us should be familiar with the show and have watched at least a few episodes when they originally aired.

4.       We must re-watch at least four episodes.
The Lingo:

Bimbi – a dumb bimbo from the 90s. Most likely spells name with an “i” when clearly it should be spelled with a “y.”

Wet wad - A loser. Someone who’s going to harsh your buzz, yo.

The Party -  The Party was a 90s pop group that originated on the Mickey Mouse Club. They are also our rubric for rating each show. How many Party members will each show earn?

  • 1/5 = Chasen Hampton - Easiest Party member to earn. I mean, I don’t think we need to expand on why.
  • 2/5 = Chasen + Deedee Magno - Second easiest Party member to earn. She has some style, but she just fades away.
  • 3/5 = Chasen + Deedee + Albert Fields - Now we’re getting somewhere. Style, charm, dance moves. Albert is a fine reward to earn for your tv show.
  • 4/5 = Chasen + Deedee + Albert + Damon Pampolina - The Zach Morris of the The Party.
  • 5/5 = Chasen + Deedee + Albert + Damon + Tiffini Hale - The most highly sought after Party member. But please note, i = bimbi.

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